bim & laser scanning

Building Information Modeling helps  to design, build and operate buildings.

Thanks to digital 3D models many engineers work more efficiently from concept to final result and customers has very realistic visualization of their property.

One of the main source of data for BIM is laser scanning. During scanning we collect point clouds. They can be used for many analyses, inventories and creating CAD documentation faster than before.

GLOB-K&Z main projects of laser scanning focused on protecting monuments by scanning insides and elevations with millimeters resolution.

our laser scanner faro focus 3d

Main projects:

  • Inventory of the museum of Józef Piłsudski
  • Inventory of synagogues: in Warsaw, Łańcut, Przysucha and others

Scope of work includes colleting point clouds, creating CAD documentation (also with building’s details) and creating orthophotos both of the inside the building and elevations

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